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Archived Stories


Good To The Last Drop, Irish Echo Nov 2004 A Step Up, Irish Echo, Oct 2005
Reliving Hemingway in Bimini, Love This City, Jan 2014
Centuries of Tradition at Dubai Souqs, Love This City, Oct 2014
The Bastakia Quarter: Dubai's Most Engaging Neighborhood, Love This City, Oct 2014
Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas, Love This City, Jan 2014
Celebrate Beauty with Art in the Bahamas, Love This City, Mar 2014
International Women's Day Grand Bahama, Love This City, Feb 2015
The Majlis Gallery: A Haven for Art Lovers in the Heart of Old Dubai, Love This City, Jan 2015
Become an Arabian Horse Whisperer, Love This City, Apr 2015
Fashionista Walk,Irish Echo, Sept 2005
Jamaican MADE Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition, Love This City, Mar 2015
Diving With the Sharks, Love This City, Feb 2014
Pirates and the Caribbean, Love This City, Jan 2014
Yoga Bliss, Riverdale Press, Apr 2015


Back to basics to make real money, Irish Examiner, Mar 14, 2009
Wall St Workers wonder what's next, Irish Examiner, Sept 20, 2008
The Rolling Stones Reschedule 14 on Fire Tour, Ticketing Today, Apr 30, 2014
Garth Brooks Sellout Concerts in Ireland Make History, Ticketing Today, Feb 29, 2014
Case Study in Marketing Your Art Opening, Ticketing Today, Jan 16, 2014
Success Story: Social Momentum Sells Theater Seats, Ticketing Today, Jan 13, 2014
From Frustration to Success Story: The Future of Burning Man, Ticketing Today, Apr 16, 2014
NASCAR Campaign: The Next Stage in Brand Evolution, Ticketing Today, Mar 17, 2014

Middle East

Afhan women suffering more now than under Taliban rule,Irish Examiner, Oct 9, 2009
Campaign promises difficult to keep, Irish Examiner, Feb 9, 2009

Sunni tribal leaders take on al-Qaeda, Irish Times, Sept 4, 2007
Inside the Triangle of Death,Sunday Tribune, Sep 2 2007
There's only one thing worse than Baghdad by night... Baghdad by day, Sunday Tribune, Aug 26 2007
Hunting Missing Troops in Iraq, Times Union, Oct 14, 2007
Progress against Shia mafia is mired in distrust, Irish Times, Aug 20 2007
The Deadliest Tour of Duty, Sunday Tribune, Aug 19 2007
Locals now running former terrorist HQ, Irish Times, August 6, 2007
Baghdad takes notice of Stryker's work, The News Tribune, Aug 17, 2007
Stryker reconstruction in Baquba, The News Tribune, August 11, 2007


Harlem sings a song of pride, Irish Examiner, Jan 21, 2009
The truth the whole truth and anything but Irish Examiner, Sept 9, 2008
How McCain reignited America's culture war,Examiner, Sept 9, 2008
The scrappy kid from Scranton, Irish Examiner, Aug 30, 2008

What do Americans want America to be? Irish Examiner, Feb 19, 2008

Can Obama really rescue America? Irish Examiner, Jun 16, 2008

McCain in trouble but rain may fall on Obama's parade, Irish Examiner, Nov 3, 2008

Obama's mastery of technology mobilises voters, Irish Examiner, Oct 16, 2008
It's the final countdown, Irish Examiner, Apr 19, 2008
Clinton must get back on message, Irish Examiner, Mar 6, 2008
Clinton's attack on Obama backfires, Feb 28, 2008
Super Tuesday charge, Irish Examiner, Feb 5, 2008
Maverick McCain is Frontrunner, Irish Examiner, Jan 31, 2008
Two down, forty-eight states to go, Irish Examiner, Jan 10, 2008


Al Jazeera on YouTube