Karen F. McCarthy
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The Other Irish

"We are supporting these projects to help overcome the problem of sectarianism and to promote reconciliation in Northern Ireland as well as strengthening community relations across the island of Ireland. I am grateful to the groups and individuals who carry out this critical work. It remains as important as ever that we support their efforts... These awards support initiatives being undertaken by a wide range of organisations and individuals who have made reconciliation and anti-sectarianism core principles of their work. Recipients included those who are working at the frontline in communities in disadvantaged areas of Northern Ireland and the border counties, those involved in cross-community outreach and in organising sensitive commemorative and other cultural activities and events."

~ From the Department of Foreign Affairs, Northern Ireland Peace Process

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The author's agility as a storyteller makes each moment come alive via concrete descriptions and relatable, human-interest stories. Rare is the writer who can not only recite historical facts, but also make them vibrant and flesh-colored. Karen F McCarthy is indeed one such gifted writer. ~ The Huffington Post

The figures Karen F McCarthy writes about leap off the page in all their wonderful idiosyncrasy, orneriness, hardscrabble toughness, occasional tenderness and persnickety charm. For the first time she really brings the whole Scots-Irish saga to life and makes us understand why they have made such an extraordinary contribution in so many different ways to Southern, and indeed American, culture in general. ~ Irish America Magazine

Karen F McCarthy's keen and inquisitive journalistic eye and her skillful interpretation of political events add a considerable richness to the presentation. ~ The Scotch-Irish Society


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New York: Sterling (November 1, 2011), Hardcover, 384 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1402778285

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