Karen F. McCarthy
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Alchemy & The Crystal Cave, 1997

Physician and best-selling author Deepak Chopra addresses a rapt audience on what he considers seven simple yet powerful principles on how an individual can develop the attitude to attain success. In the Alchemy and The Crystal Cave: Lessons from the Teachings of Merlin, Martin Sheen as Arthur, Robert Guillaume as Merlin, and Johanna Cassidy as the narrator give a dramatic reading designed to teach those seeking a deeper meaning in their lives that they may locate wisdom by seeking their "inner wizard."

Made in America, RTE 2006

This four part documentary series tells the inspiring stories of four dynamic members of an entirely new generation of Irish who landed on America in the 1990s and who have since excelled in diverse, if not unusual fields. They came of age in the era of economic boom and peace talks that launched a new Ireland onto the international stage. As immigrants in a new land, their stories show the triumph of the human spirit.

Irish Film and Television Award nomination Best Documentary Series

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